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Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  
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Our Philosophy

Always listen to the client. Through our many years in the industry we have learned that this one statement always remains true. A potential client once asked, "How can I possibly find time to meet with a designer when I work full time during the week and kitchen and bath shops are barely open on the weekends?" We listened. That is why we created a state of the art kitchen and bath design and cabinets showroom that is open evenings and on Saturday and Sunday. We founded Sunday Kitchen & Bath Design & Cabinets with you in mind. At our kitchen and bath design and cabinets showroom you deal directly with the owners. We give you honest and personalized service that is tailored to your remodeling needs.

Our Difference

  • Best value for the money: we do not mark up the appliances, we pass on our discount to you; we do not mark up the labor, we work with the most reliable contractors for better quality. Your money is better spent on high quality kitchen and bath design and cabinets.
  • Greatest peace of mind: we manage your project from start to finish. If there is a problem, you have one point of contact: us, the owners. Our goal is to make your remodeling project a smooth experience.
  • Wide range of solutions for all budgets: we offer several lines of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities to accommodate your reasonable budget.
  • Best showroom location in the Greater Washington DC area: our kitchen and bath design and cabinets showroom is located in the Rockville Town Square with all its amenities, restaurant, cafés, stores and last but not least VisArts.
  • Most convenient kitchen and bath design and cabinets firm in the Greater Washington DC area by hours: open late most days of the week (until 8 pm), open Saturday until 8 pm, Sunday from noon (12 pm) to 6 pm.

Products and Services

  • Full service kitchen and bath design and cabinets firm: We offer all products and servicesthat you need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Remodeling Large, medium or small kitchens or bathrooms; we have many kitchen and bathroom design and cabinets ideas and examplesfor you: galley, southwestern, modern, country kitchens, etc.
  • Having a special room? Let us design custom cabinetsfor your home.
  • Cabinets for any roomin your home: did you know that besides designing kitchens and bathrooms, we can help you remodel your home office, library, mud room, entertainment center, bedroom, closet or garage?
  • We provide a wide range of products for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects: bathroom vanities, faucets, frameless shower doors and sliders, granite and quartz countertops, hardware, sinks, medicine cabinets, kitchen accessories, kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops and several lines of cabinets (Crystal Cabinet Works, Quest, Keyline, Encore, GreenQuest, Shiloh, Sequoia)


  • kitchen by design: our goal is to help you create "The Kitchen" or "The Bathroom", your dream kitchen or bathroom. The best place where to start is by asking a lot of questions. Kitchens or bathrooms come in many styles, quality levels, feature levels and finishing details. After getting a sense of the ranges and figuring out what you want, ask our designers to help you refine your design and estimate.
  • We designed a collaborative processto understand your needs and budget and help you design a kitchen or a bathroom that exceeds your expectations.
  • Kitchen and bathroom design and cabinets estimates are free: to obtain a free estimate, bring a drawing with dimensions. Within five minutes we can give you a ballpark estimate for your specific project.
  • There is no fee for kitchen or bathroom Measure/Design work (or any other room). We require a small retainer.
  • If you would like to go forward with us, we request a small non-refundable deposit of 10% of your quote to release a copy of your preliminary drawings for your use. No drawings will be released without payment. This deposit will then be applied to your overall purchase of materials.
  • Timely project completion: the process starts with the kitchen and bathroom design and cabinets estimate and ends with the completion of your kitchen, bathroom or other room; it provides you with key milestones and dates including design, cabinet delivery, construction start and end.

About Us

  • 30 years of combined experience in designing new and remodeling existing kitchens and bathrooms, and estimating and managing construction and remodeling projects.
  • You work directly with the owners, award winning designers.
  • We created the award winning process that provides you with a detailed schedule from start to finish.

Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Cabinets Showroom

1700 square foot kitchen and bathroom design and cabinets showroom situated in the Rockville Town Square that earned praises from customers. Please give us a call or come visit our kitchen and bathroom design and cabinets showroom in Rockville Maryland. Our showroom is located at 156 Gibbs Street at the Rockville Town Square. We have new convenient hours, and there is no need for an appointment. Stroll by our showroom after brunch. Rockville Town Square offers a variety of restaurants, shops and weekend entertainment for everyone to enjoy. There is ample parking and Metro's Rockville Station on the Red Line is a short walk away.

Important note about our opening hours and meeting with our designers:

Simply browsing the showroom does not require an appointment. Getting a feel for the woods, material, colors and finishes can be done by looking at our displays. Please, feel free to roam the showroom at your convenience. A quick ball park estimate might be done on the fly. A more detailed conversation might require an appointment.

Will and Russ will do their best to accommodate your needs if you give them an opportunity. Please, call us to make an appointment.