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Kitchen Cabinet Signature Finishes

You can dramatically change the look of your stain or paint color with one of our Signature Finishes. Our Signature finishes are great for replicating antique furniture pieces or period style remodeling projects. Crystals Signature finish elements allow you to add Highlight, Glazing, Brushing, Rub-thru looks and physical distressing to your base colors. Signature finish options can be mixed and matched and applied on almost any wood specie.

Physical Elements

For one of a kind, aged-looking cabinetry, Crystal offers 8 hand-applied distressing elements that replicate years of use and/or exposure to your wood and finish. We offer our physical distressing elements as ala carte so you can choose one element or all of them, depending on how worn looking you want your cabinets. Several elements are also available as heavy meaning you get 3 to 6 times more added to your cabinetry.
The stain and wood you choose will affect the appearance of the physical elements so we highly recommend always seeing a sample of the finish and wood combination you decide upon. Keep in mind we hand-apply our physical elements which creates a random appearance of the elements giving your Crystal cabinetry its own distinct, hand-crafted beauty.



Crystal's Signature Select stains encompass true hand-craftsmanship. Each stain features a multi-step, hand-applied process resulting in a finish that has added depth and a softer feel. Five of the stains are reminiscent of an heirloom furniture finish- Amber, Burnt Copper, Garnet, Golden Rod and Truffle feature burnishing and highlight. You can apply physical elements, like wearing, cracking and distressing to enhance this look even further. The darkest stain, Onyx, is a deep, opaque finish showing subtle wood grain.

AmberFinish.png BurntCopperFinish.png GarnetFinish.png GoldenRodFinish.png OnyxFinish.png TruffleFinish.png
Amber Burnt Copper Garnet Goldenrod Onyx Truffle


Highlight is hand-wiped, leaving some build-up in the bead and proFiles. Highlight will change the overall stain and paint color of your finish and will accentuate natural wood characteristics as well as physical elements. Highlight is available in six colors: Black, Butterscotch, Pewter, Port, Van Dyke Brown and White. Available on paint or stain on all wood species.

BlackHigh.png ButterscotchHigh.png PewterHigh.png PortHigh.png VanDykeBrownHigh.png WhiteHigh.png
Black Butterscotch Pewter Port Van Dyke Brown White


Glazing is also hand-wiped but is thicker than Highlight and will create a heavier buildup in proFiles depending on your door style choice. Glazing also changes the overall color and accentuate physical elements and natural wood characteristics. Glazing is available in five colors: Black, Pewter, Port, Van Dyke Brown and White. Available on paint or stain on all wood species.

BlackGlaz.png PewterGlaz.png PortGlaz.png VanDykeBrownGlaz.png WhiteGlaz.png
Black Pewter Port Van Dyke Brown White



Rub-thru finish creates the look of wood that has been painted over stain and through time and use has worn away. Rub-thru includes distressing and is available in several paint over stain combinations. Additional physical elements and Highlight can be added.

Available on several paints, Brushing, either in Van Dyke Brown or Black, is hand applied with the grain to create a refurbished look. Brushing is available on maple and MDF. Physical elements can be added.

RubThruBlack.png RubThruWhite.png mohrgreen.png Straw.png
Shown in black over red Shown in Antique White over Umber Shown on Mohr Green with Van Dyke Brown Brushing Shown on Straw with Van Dyke Brown Brushing