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Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  
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Bathroom Design Ideas

bathroom-design-idea-1a.png bathroom-design-idea-1b.png

Bow-front cabinet with matching custom two-drawer based cabinets and custom light valance. Framed upper cabinets have brushed iron laminate interiors.

Frame doors with perforated metal inserts. Finished in Blackstone stain on Lyptus.

bathroom-design-idea-2a.png bathroom-design-idea-2b.png

Inset bow-front and reverse bow-front vanities fused with Quest three drawer cabinets. Regent door style finished in Umber stain on quarter-sawn white oak.

bathroom-design-idea-3a.png bathroom-design-idea-3b.png

Modern Mix

A fresh new contemporary look, with an elegant touch, was the design goal for this master bathroom, located in a refurbished old warehouse. Lyptus wood, in a Salem stain, was chosen for its unique grain and renewable qualities. The Springfield door style, with vertical grain-matched doors and drawers and black accents, is used to reinforce the lineal concept of this modern interior. A sit-down make-up area invites you into the room, and on the far back wall is an open shelf storage area. In addition, varied heights on the vanities are used to create interest and keep the lines of the original window intact.

bathroom-design-idea-4a.png bathroom-design-idea-4b.png

Custom door style finished in Brandy flat sheen stain on Lyptus.

Details include large, framed, beveled mirror and an extra tall vanity linen cabinet with frosted glass doors.

bathroom-design-idea-5a.png bathroom-design-idea-5b.png

Furniture-look vanities designed with armoire-style cabinets incorporate Enkeboll onlay, crown moulding and reeded Torus assemblies Country French door style finished in a custom stain on maple.

bathroom-design-idea-6a.png bathroom-design-idea-6b.png

Featuring the Somerset door style finished in Signature Salem stain with Van Dyke Brown Highlight on knotty alder.  

Vanity cabinets are used to create maximum bathroom storage and blend with the log home environment.

bathroom-design-idea-7a.png bathroom-design-idea-7b.png

A subtle curve blends the Regent door style with a custom door style, featured on the tall linen cabinet, finished in Sepia stain on Lyptus. The cubbies and the mirror cabinet are quarter-sawn white oak finished in a Natural stain.

bathroom-design-idea-8a.png bathroom-design-idea-8b.png

Custom door style finished in Signature Breezewood stain with Black Highlight on maple.

Matching bow-front vanities feature drop-down center counter with tall storage hutch. Details include Baroque wire glass frame doors, furniture-style legs and beadboard.

bathroom-design-idea-9a.png bathroom-design-idea-9b.png

French Villa Square door style finished in Signature Frosty White with Butterscotch Highlight on maple.

Bow-front vanity cabinet with medicine and linen cabinetry are integrated using mirrored fronts. Design features reeded Torus assemblies and large carved crown moulding.