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Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  
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Custom cabinets with extra-large drawers, pull-out cubbies and open display cabinets. The bow-front cabinet features guides that pull out and slide to the side, concealing wine glasses and other bar accessories.

Custom doors and drawers are a mix of sapele, fiddle back anegre and birds eye maple veneers. The cubbies are quarter-sawn white oak finished in Heartland Brown stain.

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Quest cabinetry featuring several pull-out hamper bins and large custom pull-out tables for folding. Open wall cabinets have brushed metal laminate interiors to match the stainless steel counters. Corresponding boot bench replicates the same look.

Eclectic door style finished in custom green stain on knotty alder with perforated metal panel inserts.

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Cabinets were combined to create a craft, study and computer area. Details include large drawers, by-fold doors, flat roll-out shelves, computer keyboard tray and Arts & Crafts backsplash. Cabinetry sits on a quilted maple platform that is seen from below.

Springfield door style finished in Natural on maple.

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Crystal Bar

Crystal cabinetry creates a bar area with custom wainscot panels and large support brackets. Custom transom doors are used on the counter wall cabinets with drawers. Custom door style finished in Signature Wheaton stain with Black Highlight on knotty alder.

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Lavish Library

A mundane space is transformed into a luxurious personal library-complete with plenty of storage for books and collectibles, as well as entertainment/bar, conference and conversation areas and beautiful focal fireplace. Cherry wood finished in bold, Brandy stain on the Country French door style surrounds the room in a vibrant unity. Decorative elements such as fluted columns, special keys, Enkeboll Corinthian capitals and astragal mouldings are used as accents on the bookcases, fireplace surround and mantel. The result is a spacious, luxurious and comforting room.

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Custom door style finished in Signature Umber with Black Highlight on Lyptus.

Pocket doors open to reveal desk storage unit. Open shelves and framed glass doors give plenty of areas to display unique collectibles for a personalized, stately office space.

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Ceiling-height cabinets feature dual computer workstations. A coordinating Inset cabinet with a fluted end panel and matching wood top sits next to the fireplace.

Greenfield door style finished in Umber flat sheen stain on Lyptus.

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Built-in linen cabinetry creates plenty of storage without taking up floor space. Features chicken wire framed glass doors and large, wide drawers.

Custom inset door style finished in Frosty White matte paint on paint grade material.