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Kitchen Design Ideas

kitchen-design-idea-1a.png kitchen-design-idea-1b.png

Custom Inset cabinetry features one-inch thick construction option on doors and frames. Wall cabinets feature antiqued leaded glass with Enkeboll recessed onlay maple leaf over archway. Bases and island have matching custom-turned posts and custom-profiled mouldings applied to drawers on the island.

Custom door style finished in Aged Cedar stain on cherry natural walnut applied moulding.

kitchen-design-idea-2a.png kitchen-design-idea-2b.png

Quest universal-designed cabinetry with toe-kick height and depth change. Easily accessible sink, cooktop and appliances with countertops lowered to 32" Base cabinets have been designed to store dishes and glasses using drawer peg systems. Wall cabinets have stainless steel wrapped framed tip-up doors with frosted glass.

Lansdale door style with high-gloss Fonthill Pear Wilsonart laminate.

kitchen-design-idea-3a.png kitchen-design-idea-3b.png

Cabinetry with tall pull-out storage and wide drawers. Wall cabinets feature style B aluminum frame tip up doors with frosted glass.

Manhattan door style with ribbon striped sapele and pomele sapele on the island.

kitchen-design-idea-4a.png kitchen-design-idea-4b.png

Crystal framed cabinetry with a duo-tone finish combination. Design elements consist of pull-out baskets, veggie bins, wine rack and valance. Featuring custom "branch" mullion accent doors and a two level island with arched brackets and reeded Torus assemblies.

Custom Lake Avenue door style finished in Natural stain on rustic cherry. The island and mouldings are finished in Signature Vermont Red stain with Black Highlight on rustic cherry.

kitchen-design-idea-6a.png kitchen-design-idea-6b.png

Crystal Inset cabinetry featuring H-legs on base cabinets and custom square legs on island. Magnetic chalkboard and cork inserts have been added to the door panels next to the refrigerator.

Regent Inset door style finished in Honeytone stain on quarter-sawn white oak. Island is finished in Keepsake Black on maple.

kitchen-design-idea-7a.png kitchen-design-idea-7b.png

Custom Quest cabinetry surrounds the space and has been custom designed to fit a four-sided fish tank in the entry way. Large Tuscany-style pull-out legs on either side of the range feature bronze appliqués and the large hood incorporates custom panels using the same profile as the doors. The island includes a copper farm sink with bow front cabinets and reverse bow shelving and Tuscany-style legs. Enkeboll mouldings and accents are used through-out the kitchen. Country French Square door style finished in Signature Classic White Stain with Black Highlight on birch. The island and desk area are Signature Blackstone stain with Black highlight, distressing and cracking on knotty alder.

kitchen-design-idea-8a.png kitchen-design-idea-8b.png

Featuring rapidly-renewable Lyptus wood, this kitchen has storage galore with ceiling height cabinetry and tall pull-out storage cabinets.

Greenfield door style finished in Umber flat sheen stain on Lyptus.

kitchen-design-idea-9a.png kitchen-design-idea-9b.png

Encore cabinetry with mullion glass doors, built-in wine cooler and base wine cubbies. Raised dishwasher cabinet features bottom storage drawer. Light baffle over the sink was created using solid stock.

Southport door style finished in Salem on cherry.

kitchen-design-idea-10a.png kitchen-design-idea-10b.png

Crystal Inset cabinetry featuring a two-level center island with arched furniture toe board and wood top. Matching paneled refrigerators are connected with large arched valance. Details include open plate racks, farm sink and tall glass framed doors. The same cabinet style are used in pantry and linen area. Custom Inset door style finished in Frosty White matte paint on paint grade material.

kitchen-design-idea-11a.png kitchen-design-idea-11b.png

Featuring the Catalina door style finished in Signature Williamsburg Yellow with Van Dyke Brown Glazing on rustic cherry.

Rustic wood mixed with a stone backsplash creates the ultimate, warm and inviting kitchen.

kitchen-design-idea-12a.png kitchen-design-idea-12b.png

Crystal Inset cabinetry is designed with two farm sinks and dual refrigerators flanking the range with brick hood surround. The large farm-table style island features Tuscany-style legs and a thick walnut, wood top.

Custom Inset door style finished in a custom paint on maple. The island is finished in Natural stain on knotty alder.

kitchen-design-idea-13a.png kitchen-design-idea-13b.png

Inset cabinetry creates an unfitted look with stained wood island and painted perimeter cabinetry. Custom details include special corners on the edge of the cabinetry, cut-out above refrigerator, custom shelves and turned legs.

Woodbury Square door style and transom doors finished in Signature Frosty White paint with Van Dyke Brown Brushing on maple. The island features the Palo Alto door style in Natural walnut.

kitchen-design-idea-14a.png kitchen-design-idea-14b.png

The main kitchen features the Deephaven Inset door style finished in Signature Nutmeg with distressing, wearing, and Van Dyke Brown Glazing in on premium alder. The range area and island also feature the Deephaven Inset door style finished in Signature Antique White with distressing, wearing, and Butterscotch Highlight on maple.

kitchen-design-idea-15a.png kitchen-design-idea-15b.png

Crystal Inset cabinetry featuring a farm-table style island with turned legs and bow-front doors. Details include pull-out storage cabinets in hood, open shelves, mullion glass doors and stainless farm sink. The homeowner added custom fabric tag boards to the end of the cabinet.

Custom door style finished in Frosty White matte paint on paint grade material.

kitchen-design-idea-16a.png kitchen-design-idea-16b.png

Crystal Inset cabinetry is designed for an unfitted furniture look. Details include open plate racks, dish washing drawers, warming drawers, pull-out storage cabinets and farm sink. Enkeboll moulding, appliqués, turnings, and corbels were used throughout.

Custom door style finished in Signature Cotton White paint with Van Dyke Brown Highlight on maple.

kitchen-design-idea-17a.png kitchen-design-idea-17b.png

Bamboo Quest

Quest cabinetry with Green-core Plus boxwork. Wall cabinets have aluminum framed tip-up doors with frosted glass and a tall metal tambour door on the counter. base cabinets have wine storage unit and angled open shelves. The island features reclaimed barn-beams bonded together for cutting board area and extra-large drawers. Manhattan door style with bamboo and carbonized bamboo veneers.

kitchen-design-idea-18a.png kitchen-design-idea-18b.png

Custom inset cabinetry with subtle curves, angles and varying heights create a unique Layout. Large framed door display cabinet is installed at an angle to match sink base below with custom Torus assemblies.

Regent and custom Regent two-panel door style finished in Signature Umber stain with Black Highlight on Lyptus.

kitchen-design-idea-19a.png kitchen-design-idea-19b.png

Brookfield door style finished in Signature Natural with Van Dyke Brown Highlight on maple.

kitchen-design-idea-20a.png kitchen-design-idea-20b.png

Southern Charm

The pursuit of this kitchen was to provide a space that achieved the ultimate in glamour and practicality. The designer chose a timeless maple in the Country Classic door style featuring a Signature Bisque matte finish with Van Dyke Brown Highlight, wearing, spatting, and worm holing.

The large impressive island, covered in copper, includes such details as a wine rack, wide Stacks of drawers, and pots and pans storage. The unique detailing of the custom legs, bun feet and copper banding complete an Old World furniture look. A butler's pantry, repeating the same cabinetry, angles off the main area of the kitchen, increasing storage. The use of the copper, with warm colors in the cabinetry , has created an elegant yet understated kitchen of exceptional grace.

kitchen-design-idea-21a.png kitchen-design-idea-21b.png

Custom Inset door style finished in a combination of Williamsburg Yellow and Umber with Van Dyke

Brown Signature Glazing on rustic cherry. Island is Signature Rub-thru Black over Umber. A new twist on Vintage American cabinetry with fine traditional details.

kitchen-design-idea-22a.png kitchen-design-idea-22b.png

Springfield door style in English Sycamore veneer with Natural finish and black stainless steel contrast on this Asian-inspired, juxtaposed cabinet Layout, unfolding a bold, contemporary expression.

kitchen-design-idea-23a.png kitchen-design-idea-23b.png

Deephaven Inset door style finished with Signature Antique White with Butterscotch Highlight on maple. The island is finished with Signature Salem with Port Highlight on premium alder.

kitchen-design-idea-24a.png kitchen-design-idea-24b.png

Featuring the Gentry door style finished in Williamsburg Yellow on maple.

This roomy, contemporary kitchen is a unique mix of materials and bright colors complementing the simple maple cabinetry.

kitchen-design-idea-25a.png kitchen-design-idea-25b.png

Country Manor

The homeowners desired a "one-of-kind" kitchen and a space that would accommodate entertaining 20 - 50 quests at one time. For ease of entertaining, a large island was added, perfect for a couple or crowd. Cabinetry framing the door way provides additional storage and acts as a decorative transition between the butter's pantry and kitchen.

Premium alder wood with Salem flat sheen stain as well as birch in Signature Classic Winter with Butterscotch Highlight come together to create a room which is beautiful. inviting, and like no other!

kitchen-design-idea-26a.png kitchen-design-idea-26b.png

This bright and elegant kitchen features the Claremont door style finished in Keepsake Bisque on maple.

The spectacular hood is finished in Blackstone stain on cherry. The framed glass display cabinet on the island is also finished in Blackstone stain on cherry.

kitchen-design-idea-27a.png kitchen-design-idea-27b.png

This kitchen features an energetic color combination of Aluma Silver foil mixed with Carmen Red laminate on a special door style with coordinating gray accent channel.

kitchen-design-idea-28a.png kitchen-design-idea-28b.png

Old World Warmth

The kitchen features a custom door style using a Country French arch on the top and bottom of each door and Country French square drawer fronts. The finish is Signature Classic White with Black Highlight and distressing on birch, giving the wood an inviting gray tone with a hint of the natural wood grain peeking through. Large Enkeboll mouldings and corbels are used throughout the kitchen to give the cabinetry a fine-furniture look. Stainless steel appliances are fully integrated to allow the kitchen to retain the warmth of wood as its primary influence. The custom-crafted elements blend together and create an exceptional space that is functional and welcoming.

kitchen-design-idea-29a.png kitchen-design-idea-29b.png

Island Paradise

A custom color scheme of cream and green with Van Dyke Brown Highlight creates a beautiful tranquil setting for a pair of distinct custom islands. The island feature special turn-post legs, Enkeboll corbels and wainscot panels. Guest have front row seating viewing the massive hood as a backdrop with matching corbels.

Dramatic custom mullion and glass doors with elegant rope Torus assemblies surround the built-in ovens. On the opposite wall is a special window area treatment that includes a custom -built valance. The kitchen features the Elite door style in maple.

kitchen-design-idea-30a.png kitchen-design-idea-30b.png

Lofty Expression

The design goal of this kitchen was to incorporate the unique industrial impression of the old warehouse into the modern and sleek space. Lyptus wood , finished in Salem, was chosen for its unique grain, color and renewable qualities. Industrial textures enhance the warehouse elements and compliment the exposed concrete columns and ductwork. Stainless steel was not only the appliance finish but was reinforced in the backsplash as well. The Springfield door style with black accent channel emphasizes the lineal concept, along with black moulding, creating horizontal interest. The result is a distinctive contemporary space with depth and richness.

kitchen-design-idea-32a.png kitchen-design-idea-32b.png

Custom Quest cabinetry featuring large drawers, aluminum framed doors and tip-up doors. Some base cabinets have been stepped back to create more leg room in busy prep areas

. The multi-level, inter-connected island has an integral cutting board, through sink and raised seating.

Dark veneers: quarter-cut block makore, flat-cut Honduras mahogany, ribbon stripe sapele, quarter-ribbon sapele, pomele sapele and kewizinga. light veneers: quarter-figured anegre, birds eye maple and zebra wood.

kitchen-design-idea-31a.png kitchen-design-idea-31b.png

Revival Style

Classic and timeless leaded glass windows help inspire this dramatic kitchen design with wall-to-wall storage

The designer emulated the windows, in framed doors, to top off the ceiling-height cabinetry, The inset cabinetry features the French Villa Square door style finished in Signature Designer White with Van Dyke Brown Highlight on maple. The refined and purist look of the cabinetry, along with period style accents, give this room an authentic turn-of-the-century look.

kitchen-design-idea-33a.png kitchen-design-idea-33b.png

Farmhouse Fresh

A bold look for any room, this vibrant red color was achieved using Signature Old Barn with Van Dyke Brown Highlight finished on the Regent door style in birch. This casual, simple look fits right into the rustic barn beams of this renovated mill. A farm sink, pierced tin panels, plate racks and open shelves are just a few of the details that make this kitchen a stand-out design.

kitchen-design-idea-34a.png kitchen-design-idea-34b.png

A Home built in the early 1900s and beautiful views of the harbor were the inspirations behind this bright and cheerful cottage kitchen. Large windows in the kitchen became the ideal spot for a comfy window seat. Open plate racks, display shelves, and a charming hood covered in bead board reinforce this cottage style.

French Villa Square Inset door style finished in Designer White paint is used for the majority of the kitchen. A small hutch, using the Somerset door style, give the kitchen a cottage-like ambience reminiscent of when the home was built.

kitchen-design-idea-35a.png kitchen-design-idea-35b.png

Classy Metropolitan

This classy modern design is truly an individual look with visual impact. Nothing in this room is "just like anyone's." Every aspect of this kitchen is a reflection of the homeowner's personal taste. The entire dining room/kitchen storage area is built at a 14.4 degree angle, allowing the observer's eye to gently glide down the wall toward the kitchen space. The custom maple 'Slash" creates a focal point like no other.

An extraordinary kitchen with eye-catching innovative details. The kitchen features the Springfield door style finished in Breezewood on cherry. The maple accents are natural finish.

kitchen-design-idea-36a.png kitchen-design-idea-36b.png

Classy Quarters

For the design of this kitchen, walls came tumbling down-taking the space from dull and dated, to clean, classic and comfortable.

Featuring the Ridgeway door style throughout the kitchen finished in Signature Portrait Sandstone on maple and the island is finished in Signature Blackstone with Black Highlight on Lyptus.

kitchen-design-idea-37a.png kitchen-design-idea-37b.png

This sleek and modern design features the Springfield door style finished in Blackstone flat sheen on Lyptus. A lift up door above the ovens conceal the microwave, and soft-close tip-up doors on the wall cabinets reveal LED lit glass shelving.

kitchen-design-idea-38a.png kitchen-design-idea-38b.png

A beautiful blend of contemporary and traditional design this kitchen features the St. Croix Inset door style finished in Salem stain on cherry (perimeter cabinetry) combined with Raisin stain on Lyptus (island).

kitchen-design-idea-39a.png kitchen-design-idea-39b.png

Gorgeous cabinetry featuring the Brentwood door style finished in Signature Natural with Black Highlight on maple.

The island is finished in Signature Blackstone with Black Highlight on birch.

This impressive kitchen features a combination of Encore cabinetry in the perimeter of the room with cabinets from our Quest line, used for the island.

kitchen-design-idea-40a.png kitchen-design-idea-40b.png

Featuring the Springfield door style finished in Blackstone stain on Lyptus was used throughout this sleek, contemporary space. A cool stainless steel ladder on a track is used to reach the high storage cabinets. Stainless steel framed doors flank the impressive hood.