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Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  Will Gowdy in Rockville, MD on Houzz  
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Kitchen Remodeling Designers

Will Gowdy - Principal

With a broad understanding of the fundamentals of design and architecture, Will Gowdy has spent his career working with customers to create unique spaces that are functional and in context to the rest of the home. A cum laude graduate of North Carolina State University's College of Design, Will has considerable academic and real world experience in modelling and drafting designs for kitchens and baths. Some of his innovative design concepts have been featured in industry publications such as Kitchen & Bath Design News. "Good kitchen and bath design requires both technical skill and vision. Its not just about following a 'style'. It's about problem solving and fitting the client's aesthetic, functional and budgetary needs. I'm a good listener which helps because my job is to have a clear understanding of my client's needs and desires. I really enjoy bringing to light new opportunities that I see and recommending new materials that may be appropriate.."

Russell Hawkins - Principal

A native Washingtonian, Russ has always nurtured his love of art and design. Working with local architects and builders reaffirmed his interests and Russ attended the Catholic University of America, where he obtained a degree in Architecture with a specialization in Construction Management. Experienced in residential design, material estimating and project management, Russ is a detail oriented and process driven specialist in home remodelling. "In Sunday Kitchen & Bath we wanted a company that was convenient and accessible to the public. A client's time is extremely valuable. Therefore, we opted for longer hours for those clients who may find time to visit us after work and extended our weekend hours on Saturday and Sunday as well."